Client Benefits

    • Builds community. 
    • Drives store traffic. 
    • Drives website traffic. 
    • Increases website stickiness. 
    • Offers continuous reinforcement of brand message. 
    • Exclusively branded (no ad clutter from other categories, or worse, your competitors). 
    • Station(s) monetize themselves with vendor spot programs. 
    • Increases market share of vendor dollars. 
    • Low cost content and delivery. 
    • Easy to market by simply tagging existing campaigns.

         Listener Benefits
    • No subscription fees. 
    • Easily accessible, professionally programmed stations in multiple formats. 
    • Dramatically fewer commercials (3-4 min/hour vs. 16-17 min on Terrestrial Radio). 
    • No annoying DJ chatter. 
    • Entertaining lifestyle content (artist interviews, music news, celebrity updates and public service information. 
    • Compelling contests, promotions, events and shopper incentives.



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